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Artyści is an 8-episode series by eminent theater artists - Monika Strzępka and Paul Demirski. Roleplaying layer shows the backstage operation of one of Warsaw's municipal theaters, but the story can be read as an ambiguous metaphor, which are concentrated problems of the present and the conflict of art and cultural activities with hard economic conditions.

Artyści - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Polish

Status: Running

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2016-09-02

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Daab is a Polish reggae band. They were previously named Daab - Muzyka serc (heart music).

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The band was founded in December 1982 in Warsaw by Dariusz Gierszewski/dr./, Andrzej Zeńczewski/voc.,g./, Artur Miłoszewski/b./ and Piotr Strojnowski/voc.,g./. In few months the band took two other artists: Jacek Szymoniak and Jarosław Woszczyna. In next year DAAB joined Waldemar Deska and Andrzej Krzywy. That time they played songs like Do plastica and Przed nami wielka przestrzeń. They played in the Netherlands, France, Denmark and USSR. In 1985 they released their new album called DAAB which had a hits like Kalejdoskop moich dróg, Fala ludzkich serc, W zakamarkach naszych dusz, Fryzjer na plaży (instrumental), Ogrodu serce. The last of these has become a standard recommended for study in Polish schools. After this some changes in the band occurred. They added a new member Tomasz Pierzchalski and removed Jarosław Woszczyzna and Piotr Strojnowski. Andrzej Krzywy left the band soon and later became lead vocalist of De Mono In 1989, because of their friendship, they returned to the band to take a part in an anniversary gig - Jarocin rockfest. The band restructured into an organisation. The main members were Zeńczewski, Miłoszewski and Gierszewski. They worked with guitar players Michał Grymuza, Grzegorz Kloc, Jacek Wojcieszuk and brass section : Grzegorz Rytka and Piotr Korzeniowski .

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