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Set in the lost city of Atlantis, Aquaman is the hero from the deep who protects the sea against any foes who threaten the peaceful undersea life. Aided by his ward Aqualad, Aquaman fights for justice on the ocean floor while keeping close contact with friends on dry land. On September 14, 1968 the Aquaman animated series was combined with Superman and Batman, along with brand new episodes starring the Justice League of America- Flash (Barry Allen), Hawkman (Carter Hall/Katar Hol), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Atom (Ray Palmer), along with the Teen Titans (Aqualad, Kid-Flash, Robin, Speedy, and Wonder Girl.) Although Wonder Girl was among the Teen Titans, Wonder Woman was not involved in the show.

Aquaman - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 1967-09-09

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This is a list of Characters of Aquaman.

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Imp: Aqualad's seahorse steed. Storm: Aquaman's seahorse steed. Tusky: Aqualad's pet walrus.

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