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Now home to over 4.5 million Americans with Norwegian roots in the United States. We have collected 10 of them back to "The Motherland". Participants come from all over the United States. None of these Norwegian Americans have been to Norway before, but all have a burning desire to get back into their Norwegian roots. But for people who have grown up with Hollywood and drive-through liquor outlets may however the road to the Norwegian relatives be long. Now waiting village party, polar expedition, recreation and mutton. For this is a competition to cope with life as a Norwegian - and weekly meetings attendees new challenges. One by one the Americans must leave the competition and go home - until we are left with the True Norwegian man that wins 50,000 dollars and his first meeting with his Norwegian relatives. But to get so far, participants must first prove that they are willing to give everything for Norway!

Alt for Norge - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Norwegian

Status: Running

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2010-04-08

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This list contains mottos of Norwegian institutions. Norway does not have a state motto; however, the personal motto of the reigning monarch can be said to fill some of that function. The motto of the three last monarchs has been Alt for Norge which translates roughly as All for Norway. The motto was first chosen by King Haakon VII and immortalised as the rallying motto of the Norwegian resistance against the German occupation of Norway. It is not common for Norwegian municipalities or government agencies to have mottos.

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