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Agathe Koltès 50 years police commander, beautiful, funny and charismatic, arrived in Vannes to assume her new duties, preceded by her reputation to be a great commander. But her new colleagues are unaware that she is the mother of Mathilde Sirach, the young commissioner who tried in vain to oppose her arrival. The reunion of mother and daughter are stormy and Mathilde Agathe ordered to keep secret their family bond not to complicate her life in the police. Between gravity, humor and emotion, they will learn to rediscover each other over the affairs they will have to solve together, between the land and the sea.

Agathe Koltès - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: French

Status: Running

Runtime: 56 minutes

Premier: 2016-05-07

Agathe Koltès - Serge Riaboukine - Netflix

Serge Riaboukine (born 29 December 1957) is a French actor.

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