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Thirteen years in the making, adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda has traveled the North American continent in pursuit of the Super Slam of North American Big Game. Considered the Everest of bowhunting, the archery Super Slam consists of 29 animals –five caribou, five deer, four sheep, four bears, three elk, three moose, muskoxen, pronghorn, mountain goat, cougar and plains bison – and stands alone as the pinnacle of bowhunting achievement. Very few hunters have taken all 29 species with a bow and now, for the first time, all have been arrowed on broadcast video.

Adventure Bowhunter with Tom Miranda presented by Mathews goes in-depth describing the history of the Super Slam with revealing interviews from some of the nation's top bowhunters. Miranda leaves no question unanswered as he describes the best areas, outfitters and equipment for each species. Witness the successes and failures – the great shots and the missed shots – in one man's pursuit to capture the essence of big-game bowhunting.

Adventure Bowhunter - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-01-13

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The first tier of intercollegiate sports in the United States includes sports that are sanctioned by one of the collegiate sport governing bodies. The major sanctioning organization is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Before mid-1981, women's top-tier intercollegiate sports were solely governed by the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW). The second tier consists of competition between student clubs from different colleges, not organized by and therefore not formally representing the institutions or their faculties. This tier is also considered to be “intercollegiate” sports. College sports originated as student activities. NCAA Team Champions: see NCAA Championships Pre-NCAA Team Champions: see Pre-NCAA intercollegiate championships AIAW Team Champions: see AIAW and DGWS Championships NAIA Team Champions: see NAIA Championships Intercollegiate Team Champions of Non-NCAA and Non-AIAW Sports in the United States: The championships below were bestowed by the governing bodies of specific collegiate sports in years when the sport lacked official varsity status in the NCAA (which many still lack) or in the AIAW (and the DGWS that preceded it). Women's rugby and equestrian are currently on the NCAA list of “Emerging Sports.” Some sports (particularly women’s sports) championships that are currently sanctioned by the NCAA were previously administered by a single-sport governing body (e.g., rifle, women's ice hockey, women's water polo). At some colleges, some of these sports operate at a club level outside of any athletic department. On the other hand, some teams have been accorded varsity status within their schools' athletic programs. Generally, there is no strict separation during competition, but there are exceptions (e.g., Varsity Equestrian since 2006, as it seeks official NCAA status). This list is reserved for champions of sports in which the NCAA did not also recognize a champion in a given year. Thus, non-varsity and/or club-level champions are excluded for sports that had a contemporary NCAA champion (e.g., men's ice hockey, alpine skiing) or other collegiate varsity-level champion (e.g., IRA rowing). Two exceptions are (1) women’s fencing (the NCAA has not offered a women-only team championship since 1989) and (2) women’s bowling (the long-established US Bowling Congress championship has co-eminence).

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In the first three years, strong teams that won bids declined to participate.

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