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In Canada, the world of professional hockey is a source of fascination and admiration. Who are these heroes acclaimed by enthralled crowds capable of exploits that will be talked about for years? What is really happening on the ice during games? What is being said? What does it mean to be a professional athlete on a daily basis? Who are these players? How do the bosses manage it all? And what does the general manager and his men discuss before and aftergames?

24CH - Netflix

Type: Sports

Languages: French

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-02-04

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Oita Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (大分朝日放送株式会社, Ōita Asahi Hōsō Kabushiki Gaisha), also known as OAB, is a Japanese broadcast network affiliated with the ANN. Their headquarters are located in Oita Prefecture.

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12 Shinkawa-nishi Oita-city, OITA 870-8524 JAPAN Telephone Number:+81-97-538-6111

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