100 Höjdare - Netflix

100 Höjdare is a Swedish comedy program starring Filip Hammar & Fredrik Wikingsson.

100 Höjdare - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Swedish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2004-09-05

100 Höjdare - Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson - Netflix

Lars Filip Hammar (born March 26, 1975) and Fredrik Wikingsson (born August 16, 1973), commonly known as Filip and Fredrik, are two Swedish writers, television hosts and journalists both known for their youthful, though intellectual, humour and unconventional journalism. The duo has been celebrated for their relaxed and spontaneous style in front of the camera. As Filip explains: “We just turn on the camera and go”. Since 2002, Filip and Fredrik have together produced eleven different TV shows and, in the aftermath of the shows' successes in Sweden, written books. The duo owns, and works within, the company “Framgångsfabriken” (The Success Factory), started in 2001, which takes credit for their media appearances. The pair has had their sexuality questioned repeatedly by the people they interact with on camera. Although they are heterosexual, jokes about their would-be gay relationship has become a running gag.

100 Höjdare - 2003–2005: High Chaparall - Netflix

Later in 2003, now working for the Swedish broadcasting company Kanal 5, Filip and Fredrik made a comeback in the program series High Chaparall, which was a success. In High Chaparall (not to be confused with the 1967 western TV-series The High Chaparral) Filip and Fredrik took a camera team to America, where they filmed a series of interviews with minor celebrities and has-beens such as Fabio Lanzoni, Pamela Anderson, Ron Jeremy, Tonya Harding, Uri Geller, and Gary Busey. A typical episode features Filip and Fredrik visiting a celebrity at home in Los Angeles, asking them personal questions while taking a tour of their house, singing a song for them (often a Swedish song which has been translated into English), an outing to one of the star's favorite places to eat and a series of elaborate would-you-rather questions. At some point they administer a quick quiz called “Bra eller anus” (translates to “Good or Anus”) in which the interviewee is presented with an idea, a thing or a description of a person, and must deem them “bra” or “anus.” The series is almost entirely in English. With varying levels of success, Filip and Fredrik would be welcomed into the lives of these celebrities who would introduce them to their families, sing with them, take the Swedes to their favorite restaurants and speak candidly about their lives. Some of their interview subjects seemed to become genuinely entertained with and endeared to the duo (Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe and his parents, Charlene Tilton of the TV series “Dallas” and her daughter) whereas the subjects of other episodes become increasingly more uncomfortable during their relentless onslaught of questions, games and songs (Lorenzo Lamas). The viewing figures for the first season had an average of 223 000, which was at that time a huge number for Kanal 5. October 1, 2004 the duo released their second book 100 höjdare - Sveriges roligaste ögonblick genom tiderna. A month later, a TV-version of the book with the same name, aired. It was a countdown show were Filip and Fredrik listed their choices of the funniest moments in Swedish history. The moments selected were originally not intended to be funny, i.e. no sketches or jokes, etc. The second and third season more became a talkshow where Filip and Fredrik showed clips from around the world for the guests, though it still hade the same countdown style. In 2005, in between season two and season three of 100 höjdare, the duo made a show called Grattis världen. It was a travel show where Filip and Fredrik visited New Zealand, Tokyo, the Cook Islands and Estonia among others. The travel program differed much from the previous Swedish travel programs because Filip and Fredrik often wanted to show off alternative sides of the various places they visited. For example, they tested the legal recreational drugs in New Zealand. The general plot was quite similar to High Chaparall and accompanied by eccentric people picked up by the way. Pål Hollender, known from Expedition: Robinson, shows up here and there in the program as the programs feature producer. This was the first time he worked with Filip and Fredrik, something that he has been doing after Grattis världen too.

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