Человек и закон - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: Russian

Status: Running

Runtime: 51 minutes

Premier: 2016-06-24

Человек и закон - Podolsk - Netflix

Podolsk (Russian: Подольск, IPA: [pɐˈdolʲsk]) is an industrial city, center of Podolsk Urban Okrug, Moscow Oblast, Russia, located on the Pakhra River (a tributary of the Moskva River). Population: 187,961 (2010 Census); 180,963 (2002 Census); 209,178 (1989 Census); 183,000 (1974); 129,000 (1959); 72,000 (1939).

Человек и закон - Twin towns and sister cities - Netflix

Podolsk is twinned with: There are also plans to sign sister city agreements with: Beni Mellal, Morocco Koper, Slovenia Petrozavodsk, Russia

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