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Shadows seeping from the dark world. Every day they steal your love, your strength, your emotions. Human Energy is their food. They are immortals and take the shape of humans. They are Shadows, Their cradle is the Dark World, related to our world through a portal. Humanity is safe as long as there is a balance, and we, his guards are Initiates. We look like very ordinary boys and girls, we smell shadow a mile away and we know how to get them back into the darkness.\ \ But the dark forces of Shadows, led by powerful witches decide to take revenge. Portal from the dark world is about to be destroyed. It remains the last chance for salvation ...

Темный мир: Равновесие - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 47 minutes

Premier: 2014-05-12

Темный мир: Равновесие - List of Russian films of 2013 - Netflix

A list of films produced in Russia in 2013 (see 2013 in film).

Темный мир: Равновесие - 2013 - Netflix

Темный мир: Равновесие - References - Netflix